Get Giving!


    A new approach to sharing online

    Find out what your friends want for their next birthday! Giftee works just like your interactive social network. By updating a Wishlist, you and your friends will have an easier time gift shopping because it´s all on the list. Plus each time anyone signs up, the details on shirt size, trouser size, shoe size and preferred brands will be saved, saving you and your social circle from a lot of gift-guessing

  • EASY

    As easy as one, two, click.

    Just click on the details about the receiver - gender, occasion, and preferred distance from your current location - and Giftee will show you a list of great gift ideas along with the stores where they can be bought. Sift through the gifts - as you go along, you can filter the details and zero in on a specific gift selection.


    Elephants never forget -- and now Giftee too!

    Your personal Calendar will help you remember special days. Manage it by tagging dates with your contacts’ birthdays, anniversaries or other holidays. As the special date comes closer, your Calendar will send you a reminder along with a list of gift suggestions. You will never forget a birthday again!